Professional Learning Workshops & Presentations

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union has the in-house expertise to provide professional learning opportunities covering a wide range of topics supportive of members learning and practice.  Sessions to meet specific needs may also be arranged.

In addition to sessions facilitated by NSTU staff, the NSTU can also arrange for Resilience® Wellness Sessions that are available through the NSTU Employee and Family Assistance program provider Homewood Human Solutions™.  Click here to view additional information on the Resilience® Wellness Sessions.

All requests for sessions must be made by completing an online form.  Click here to access the form.

NSTU Facilitated Workshops & Presentations

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Contracts & Benefits Curriculum & Pedagogical Practices Governance School/Campus Climate Wellness

Contracts & Benefits

Article 60 Professional Development Fund
A presentation detailing the Article 60 Professional Development Fund regime across Nova Scotia.

Benefits of Membership
A presentation outlining the financial and other benefits of NSTU membership.

Collective Bargaining (Regional/Public School/Community College)
A presentation setting out the Provincial, Regional and Community College collective bargaining regimes.

A session to discuss policy and legal context within which members address parental and other harassment concerns.

Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave
A presentation describing the maternity, parental and adoption leave provisions found in NSTU collective agreements and relevant legislation.

Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Legislative & Contractual Regime
An overview of the various statutory and contractual provisions that apply to NSTU members.

A presentation describing the Teachers’ Pension Plan regime including discussion of CPP integration and relevant financial and other benefits at retirement.

Preparing for a Job Interview
This session is for beginning and substitute teachers or teachers who hold a term contract. Topics such as what makes a good resume, pre-interview preparation, post-interview, and the various types of interviews will be shared.

Substitute Teaching
A session describing the rights and responsibilities of substitute teachers with reference to the provincial and regional collective agreements.

Teachers and the Law
A presentation designed to provide a framework of the legal context NSTU members work within.

Teacher Certification in Nova Scotia
This presentation provides an overview of the certification framework in Nova Scotia, including the classes of certification, undergraduate studies requirements, endorsation, increasing certificate classification (i.e. upgrading), and teacher mobility within Canada.

Term Teachers
A session customized for each region outlining contractual rights and responsibilities of term teachers.

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Curriculum & Pedagogical Practices

ABC’s of Selling
Our members are sales people.  We are selling education, curriculum and more each day in our classrooms.  This sessions supports us in learning the ABC’s of successful selling. 

Classroom Management
This session engages teachers in understanding the factors and practices of effective classroom management. 

Creating Safe Spaces through Social-emotional Learning
The session will provide information on various programs that pertain to social-emotional learning. The activities are interactive and tailored to students of all grades.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
The presentation focuses on what CRP is, and how to embed it in literacy and numeracy.

Differentiated Instruction/Assessment
An interactive session where educators will experience differentiated instruction. The what, why, and how of differentiation.

Mindful Practice for Educators
A thought-provoking session where participants will obtain information about us, as individuals and the impact of social and emotional intelligence on self and collaborative team.

Mindful Practice for the Classroom
This session will introduce mindfulness in the classroom in support of members and students. 

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
This session explores how mindfulness supports us in the practice of being present.

Multiple Intelligences
This session will engage participants in understanding Howard Gardener’s MI theories and how they supporting learning and success.

Professional Learning Community
What are PLC’s and how we can make them effective?

Qualities of Effective Leadership
This session will engage leaders in the CORE elements of effective leadership. 

Qualities of Effective Teachers
In this presentation, participants will learn the qualities of effective teachers and how it enhances teaching and learning.

Seven Absolutes of Engagement
An interactive session where participants will engage and learn about the 7 absolutes that all learners need to engage.

Supporting our Boys in Education
This session assists teachers in understanding the variables/strategies to engage and support our boys in education.

Supporting LGBT+ students
This presentation will provide participants with activities and resources to assist teachers in their support of LGBT+ students in the classroom.

Supporting the Struggling Reader
An interactive session where participants engage in learning literacy strategies for emergent, early, transitional and fluent readers in grades 4 through 12.

Universal Design of Learning
This session supports participants in understanding the UDL Classroom and use of technology to support ALL learners. 

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Parliamentary Procedures
A session detailing commonly referred to parliamentary rules as set out in Robert’s Rules of Order.

A session describing the NSTU Resolutions process from initial stages to Annual Council and beyond.

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School/Campus Climate

Amazing Race
Participants engage in building team spirit to race to the finish line in learning about effective team.

Appropriate Online Conduct
This session will focus on policies and practices to support our online digital citizens and how we can address cyber bullying.

Conflict Resolution
This session supports members in establishing respect and honour in their classrooms and schools.

Five Functions of Team
This workshop offers the understanding of the five characteristics that support effective teams.

Generations X, Y and Z
In this session, participants will learn about the characteristics of each generation and what supports they need to succeed in our schools and on our campuses.

Group Process and Effective Meetings
This workshop engages members in effective processes to move meetings and groups forward for success.

Motivating Ourselves and Our Students
This session is based on the work of Daniel Pink, Drive and other researchers on the topic of what motivates us?

This session supports schools with the understanding of PEBS and how to implement this overreaching program in support of All.

Personality Compass
This team building workshop supports the understanding of member’s personalities and those of their colleagues.

Teacher Voice
This collaborative session will overview the eight conditions that support teacher voice in our classrooms and schools.

True Colors
The True Colors personality test and workshop is an excellent way of understanding yourself and understanding others. Are you Orange, Gold, Green, or Blue?

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The Early Intervention Program
Provides information on the EIP program.

Provides information to ensure members are set up properly in the environment where they work so that they are using correct body mechanics and posture to assist with injury prevention, symptom management and work day tolerance.

Transitioning to the New You
This workshop supports members balancing their professional and personal lives.  Members will learn strategies on how to say no and how to incorporate proactive practices in support of life balance. 

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RESILIENCE® Wellness Sessions

Outlined below is a listing and brief description of the Wellness Sessions that are available through the NSTU Employee and Family Assistance program provider, Homewood Human Solutions™.

Please note:  Wellness Sessions must be booked at least four weeks in advance.


Helping Your Child Succeed at School
Every parent wants their child to be happy and successful at school. Many working parents struggle with knowing how to support their children with school-related activities. This session invites participants to seek a partnership between each child, the school and themselves as parents. This partnership creates positive structure at home to support their children’s experience at school, and looks for ways to reward effort rather than outcomes.

Foundations of Positive Parenting
This practical and interactive session provides participants with the principles and tools of positive parenting focused on children’s skills in social development and well-being. Participants will also get an opportunity to review and discuss strategies for bringing positive parenting into the home.

Communication in Family Life
This session describes some fundamental aspects of communication that apply to interactions within families. Participants will review communication strategies and skills that allow for healthy and open communication to enhance the quality of their relationships.


Establishing Work-life Harmony Integration
Many of us feel overwhelmed by competing work and family demands. This session helps participants identify their key work-life stressors, clarify their values and develop skills and strategies to effectively prioritize their time and energy.

Managing Your Time and Energy
Time is a precious resource. Once it is used up, we can never get it back. We’ve all heard the phrase “time = money” and certainly in a business setting this is the case. As humans, we require balance in our work lives so that we meet both our job requirements and personal needs. How do we manage our time at work so that we are satisfied and successful? This session will explore the answer to this question.

Assertiveness: Negotiating Respectful Inter-personal Boundaries
At work and at home, we need to negotiate our own needs with those of others. We have to select between competing priorities and manage overlapping roles. When we set boundaries assertively, while consulting with key stakeholders before making decisions, we create cooperative relationships. This session outlines how to consciously set time, task and role boundaries in order to create successful relationships with ourselves and others.

Building Resilience: Learning to Roll with Life’s Punches
Resilience training is the journey toward knowledge and mastery of the body, heart, mind and spirit. This session will help you break negative thought patterns and find healthier ways of thinking and behaving, by drawing on a series of effective practical strategies in the areas of looking after your physical health, respecting your mental/emotional health and building a strong social network.

Get Real: How to Be Authentic
Research shows that being authentic and having a healthy self-esteem are keys to a happy, healthy, more meaningful existence. “Just be yourself” sounds easy, but can be surprisingly hard to do. Tips on how to develop positive self-esteem and keys to living authentically will help you learn how to become more present and consciously aware of the choices you make in your life.

Healthy Sleep Habits
We all feel so much better after a good night’s sleep. Our thoughts are clearer, our reactions faster and our emotions are less fragile. This wellness session introduces participants to the effects of sleep deprivation and reviews some key strategies for what you can do to promote healthy sleeping habits.

Forgiveness: The Gift you Give Yourself
It can be difficult or near impossible to forgive someone who has hurt or wronged us. Holding on to these resentments can have negative effects on our health, our well-being, and our ability to experience joy and happiness. This session explores what it means to forgive, how we can move from a place of anger to a place of peace, and how this process can free us from our past hurts. Forgiveness is not something that we do for others; it is a gift that we give ourselves.

The Journey to Wellness: One Step At a Time
Many of us use the beginning of a new year to renew our commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, but how often are these resolutions kept? This session examines what wellness means and provides simple steps to help participants set their own health goals and keep them on track for achieving their personal definitions of wellness.


The Fundamentals of Change and Transition
Change is a fact of life, but letting go of the familiar can be challenging. When we understand the need for change, and are resourced to manage it, we transition with greater ease. Participants in this session explore strategies, frameworks, self-care tools and resources to navigate the change process successfully.

Stress Busters I
When stressors overwhelm us, we need effective techniques to bring us back to equilibrium. This session explores all aspects of the stress response, focusing on practical tips and tools to bring us to optimal stress levels, thereby helping us to maximize our energy and performance.

Stress Busters II: Mini-Retreat Solutions
Today’s life is fast paced with less time just to de-stress. Greater pressure is being put on all of us to do more. The result is that many of us have lost the ability to sit still and simply be with ourselves. This session will explore your personal stress triggers and review some practical, easy techniques to make brief relaxation moments a natural part of your everyday life.


Handle With Care – Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Conflicts stem from many different sources. Understanding when, and how, to apply a variety of different conflict resolution strategies can prevent unnecessary hardship. This session reviews strategies to defuse anger and conflict so that difficult situations in the workplace can be resolved respectfully

Effective Communication in Groups
Successful work groups are comprised of individuals who know how to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders in a variety of settings and circumstances. This session reviews the key skills that enhance our ability to work well with others by providing information about speaking confidently and assertively, creating a supportive communication climate and listening effectively and asking clear questions.

Professionalism in the Workplace
People form judgments about you in the workplace based on your behaviour, attitude, speech and appearance. The impressions you communicate to others—positive or negative—can help you get ahead professionally, or can slow down your career progress and even sometimes create conflict in the workplace. This wellness session will give participants an understanding of the importance of professional behaviour in the workplace and what it involves.

The Emotional Effects of Retirement
Planning to retire can be a source of both excitement and anxiety. Whatever the emotional response, retirement marks a transition to a new life stage and lifestyle in which daily routines, identity and roles all change. This session will introduce participants to the emotional effects of retirement. Participants will get an opportunity to reflect on what their ideal retirement looks like and what they can do to make it happen.

Building Working Relations
Every time we interact with someone, we have an opportunity to build or damage the relationship we have with them. Improving the quality of relationships in the workplace can enhance productivity and reduce conflict. This session invites participants to be aware of three key “tools” we can use to build relationships, reflect on how to use these tools effectively, and develop strategies to address relationship challenges.


Beyond Stigma: Increasing Our Understanding of Mental Health in the Workplace
In today’s society there still remains a lack of awareness and even sometimes bias related to mental health problems. This wellness session will allow participants to enhance their understanding of the personal and environmental factors that can have an impact on mental health, as well as the most appropriate prevention

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