Workshops and Presentations Request Form

Requests for workshops and presentations should be received by Central Office at least three weeks before the requested date.

Approval of the request is subject to staff availability on the date requested.

If no staff member is available on the date requested, alternative dates will be proposed.

Central Office will confirm the initial request, or propose alternative dates, within five working days of receipt of the request.  If you have not received a response within that timeframe please contact Central Office.

Please note the following blackout dates for workshops, due to Council to Improve Classroom Conditions meetings:

  • Oct 10-11/17
  • Nov 6-8/17
  • Dec 4-6/17
  • Jan 8-10/18
  • Feb 12-14/18
  • Mar 5-7/18
  • Apr 9-11/18
  • May 7-9/18
  • Jun 4-5/18

School/Campus Staff
Local Executive
RRC/REWC Executive
NSTU Representatives

NSTU Sessions

ABC’s of Selling
Amazing Race
Appropriate Online Conduct
Article 60 Professional Development Fund
Benefits of Membership
Classroom Management
Collective Bargaining (Regional/Public School/Community College)
Conflict Resolution
Creating Safe Spaces through Social-emotional Learning
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Differentiated Instruction/Assessment
Five Functions of Team
Generations X, Y and Z
Group Process and Effective Meetings
Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave
Mindful Practice for Educators
Mindful Practice for the Classroom
Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
Motivating Ourselves and Our Students
Multiple Intelligences
Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Legislative & Contractual Regime
Parliamentary Procedures
Personality Compass
Preparing for a Job Interview
Professional Learning Community
Qualities of Effective Leadership
Qualities of Effective Teachers
Seven Absolutes of Engagement
Substitute Teaching
Supporting LGBT+ students
Supporting our Boys in Education
Supporting the Struggling Reader
Teacher Certification in Nova Scotia
Teacher Voice
Teachers and the Law
Term Teachers
The Early Intervention Program
Transitioning to the New You
True Colours
Universal Design of Learning

RESILIENCE® Wellness Sessions

PLEASE NOTE: Wellness Sessions must be booked at least six to eight weeks in advance.  These sessions should be scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Any sessions scheduled outside these  times will have a cost associated with them.

The Art of Relaxation
Assertiveness: Negotiating Respectful Inter-personal Boundaries
Beyond Stigma: Increasing Our Understanding of Mental Health in the Workplace
Building Resilience: Understanding Challenges, Learning Strategies and Accepting Change
Building Working Relations
The Emotional Effects of Retirement
Establishing Work-life Harmony 
Forgiveness: Letting Go and Moving Forward
Foundations of Positive Parenting
The Fundamentals of Change and Transition
Healthy Sleep Habits
Helping Your Child Succeed at School
Improving Workplace Communication
The Journey to Wellness: One Step At a Time
Making Shiftwork Work for You
Managing Your Time and Energy
Professionalism in the Workplace
Respectful Relationships in the Workplace
The Science of Happiness
Stress Busters