The administrator of the NSTU Group Insurance Plan is Johnson Inc.  For further information on the members only portion of their website click here.

The Role of the Administrator

Under the terms of the Trust Deed, Johnson Incorporated, on a fee for services basis, act as the Consultant/Broker/Administrator.

Services as Consultant/Broker include:

Continuous Review and Up-Dating of Benefit Program to:

  • identify insurance needs;
  • review new products.

Marketing of Benefits:

  • preparation and design of specifications;
  • obtaining quotations;
  • analysing financial arrangements and reserve methods;
  • placing business and communications.

Servicing the Account by:

  • keeping the Trustees abreast of new product developments, financial arrangements and trends in the group insurance market;
  • attending regular Trustee Meetings and special meetings;
  • becoming directly involved with the settlement of any group insurance related problems;
  • negotiating with underwriters on new benefits, renewals, levels of reserve, retention, etc.;
  • providing advice on government programs as they relate to integration and taxability of benefit programs;
  • providing advice and assistance in any administrative procedures and/or problems;
  • conducting and supervising enrollments, as required.

Services as Administrators include:

  • Daily handling of teacher enquiries (mail, telephone and visits relating to coverage, deductions, beneficiaries and claims);
  • Receiving and processing group insurance applications; processing deduction information; issuing certificate(s);
  • Daily deposits in trust accounts, monthly bank reconciliations and ledger entries, preparing for annual audit;
  • Receiving payments on direct basis (post-dated cheques) for those on leave of absence, etc.;
  • Reconciling monthly billing and paying underwriting companies;
  • Verifying correct information (deductions given to school boards);
  • Ensuring deductions of various options are in accordance to NSTU agreements with school boards and provincial agreement;
  • Producing monthly bills for provincial government for Medical/Dental plans and Provincial Master Life Policy;
  • Depositing and investing surpluses in accordance with directions of Trustees;
  • Processing claims;
  • Obtaining the necessary information on NSTU members from the various school boards each year;
  • Contacting members whose files are incomplete;
  • Contacting retired teachers when they reach age 65, transferring their Medical coverage to the new plan and making necessary changes in other options;
  • Annually, cross-referencing the teacher/school and billing/school information for billing address verification;
  • Annual printing of Benefit Statements for each member and delivering to the schools;
  • Visiting schools to explain coverages under the NSTU group insurance plan when requested;
  • Issuing and recording of refunds.

Members Only Johnson Inc. Website

As an NSTU Member, you can now use the Internet to access and interact with the Group Insurance Plan in a completely secure and private environment.

The new Johnson Inc. website features an innovative and unique Members Only option that enables you to view and interact with your Group Insurance Plan. You can also communicate directly with your Personal Service Supervisor - all from the comfort and convenience of your PC, at home or at work.

Get Connected

To access your insurance information through the Johnson Web Site, you will require a confidential UserName and Password. Send an e-mail to indicating your interest in using this site. Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, professional number, and e-mail address.

Real-Time Data

The information you will see is the most up-to-date data on your Group Benefit Plan that we have available.

Complete Information

Each Benefit listed in your online Benefit Statement is linked to a full Benefit Description, including rates and premium.

One-Stop Access

Through your online Benefit Summary, you will be able to view ALL your individual insurance information.

Unprecedented Convenience

Incorporates your Coverages and Claims in one, easily accessible source. Further, it is available to you 24-hours-a-day, everyday.

Email Communication

You can easily and instantly submit any questions, comments, or concerns you may have to your personally assigned Service Supervisor.

Guaranteed Safe and Secure

Your Benefit and Insurance arrangement is a very private matter. Recognizing this, we have taken every measure possible to ensure that the data communicated via this site is completely safe and secure.

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