Nova Scotia Language Teachers Association/Association des enseignant(e)s de langues de la Nouvelle Écosse

The Neurolinguistic Approach

Friday, October 26, 2018

Closed - Conference Full


Dr. Tom Parker Building (NSTU)
3106 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia 


Conference Fee:  $65.00.
Substitute Fee:   $50.00

As per NSTU Operational Procedure 13 E. III.: receipts of payment and attendance will not be distributed until the conference has concluded.


9h00 à 10h15

Session 1

This session is designed to give an overview of Neurolinguistic Approach.  

10h15 à 10h45


Provided on site

10h45 à 12h00

Session 2

This session is designed to provide ways to enhance activities (les activités de réinvestissements) using technology in the Core French classroom.

12h00 à 1h15


Provided on site

1h15 à 2h45

Session 3

This session is designed to allow for collaborative time to create “classroom ready” activities for the Neurolinguistic Approach.  

Registration will be online only.

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You may register utilizing any email account.

Closed - Conference Full

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