Policy Review 2019 - Government

Policy Procedures


a. Definition NSTU policy is a statement reflecting a goal, value or belief of the Union used to guide decisions of the organization.

b. Role An NSTU policy statement communicates the Union’s position on an issue. An NSTU policy statement provides the context for decision-making and action on an issue.

c. Review The review procedure will be conducted with the Provincial Executive in the fall of each year under the coordination of the Resolutions Committee Chair (or designate) and the staff liaison.

Reference: January, 2002

Review Procedures

a. Step One: Policy is forwarded to the appropriate NSTU Committee for analysis and recommendation.

b. Step Two: The NSTU Resolutions Committee compiles step one results and provides the Provincial Executive with a set of recommendations concerning policies under review.

c. Step Three: The Provincial Executive adopts resolutions to Annual Council regarding policies under review recommended for amendment or to be rescinded.  Reaffirmed policy shall be so noted in the Guidebook along with the Provincial Executive meeting date on which the reaffirmation took place.

d. Step Four: When existing policy or action resolutions are amended, new words be in bold and deleted language be crossed out.

Reference:  June 5, 2004; April 30, 2009, June 2011

Classification and the Cycle of Review

  • 2019 Government
  • 2020 Professional Development
  • 2021 General
  • 2022 NSTU Governance
  • 2023 Curriculum
  • 2024 Economic Welfare and Working Conditions

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