Provincial Executive

The Provincial Executive is an Executive of the Council, to be composed of the President, the immediate Past-President (one year position only), the First Vice-President, 22 members elected on a regional basis at the local level, including one member elected by all the members of the CSANE Local, one member elected by all the members of the APSEA Local and two members elected by all the members of the Community College Local. A majority of the members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum.

2017-2018 Provincial Executive

2017-2018 Provincial Executive

Seated: Darlene Bereta (Northside-Victoria), Crystal Isert (Halifax County), Lori MacKinnon (Digby-Shelburne-Yarmouth), Cherie Abriel (second vice-president, Colchester-East Hants), Liette Doucet (president), Tami Cox Jardine (first vice-president), Thérèse Forsythe (secretary-treasurer, Annapolis-Hants West-Kings), Doug Read (Pictou), Nancie de la Chevotiere (Halifax City), and Wade Van Snick (Cumberland).

Standing: Turk MacDonald (Halifax City), Angela Deagle (Inverness-Richmond), Sue Larivière-Jenkins (CSANE), Colleen Scott (Digby-Shelburne-Yarmouth), Damian Hall (Community College), Peter Day (Cape Breton District), Allister Wadden (Annapolis-Hants West-Kings), Ron MacIntosh (Cape Breton District), Chris Doiron (Dartmouth), Paul Wozney (Halifax County) and Ian Kent (Lunenburg County-Queens).

Missing from photo: Ferne MacLennan (Community College), Andrew McCara (APSEA), and Bill Murphy (Antigonish-Guysborough).