PDAF Proposal Guidelines

All PDAF applications must be accompanied by a proposal addressing the following:

  1. Project Description and Rationale
    • Briefly describe the project.
    • What specific need(s) within your school(s) does this project address?
    • List the goals of this project.
  2. Project Team
    • Briefly describe the interests, background and qualifications of the project team which will enable them to successfully implement this project.
  3. Project Design, Innovation and Implementation
    • Briefly describe why this proposal is innovative and merits PDAF funding.
    • Explain this project in terms of how it will be implemented in the school and/or classroom.
    • What is the timeline you intend to follow?
  4. Project Links to Public School Program and Essential Graduation Learnings
    • How will this project support the Public School Program and the Essential Graduation Learnings?
  5. Curriculum Connections?How does it fit within the curriculum?
    • What are the learning outcomes of this project?
    • What aspect of the curriculum does this project focus upon?
    • What key grade level(s) and/or subject area(s) will be enhanced by this project?
    • How will this project be successfully integrated into the grade level(s) and subject area(s)?
    • Describe how materials will be used.
  6. Project Evaluation - How will the success of the project be evaluated?
  7. Budget
    • How do you intend to use the money allocated by this fund?
    • Detail entire project budget including funding from all other sources. Delineate specific requests including an itemized breakdown of PDAF fund allocation. (If purchasing learning resources, an itemized list by title, author, price and distributor is required.)

PDAF funding is not available for the following:

  1. salaries, honoraria or labour fees
  2. travel and accommodations (teachers and students)
  3. equipment rental, service and/or labour costs
  4. items contained on the Authorized Learning Resources (ALR) list

PDAF funding is not normally available for capital equipment (video cameras, computer hardware, etc.). The PDAF Committee does approve capital items when they are required to successfully implement the proposed project.

Proposals regarding the acquisition of learning resources must "go beyond" the intent of the authors and/or creators. Applicants are encouraged to develop an innovative approach for the use of these materials in the classroom.

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