Government's Glaze Report wants to establish a Provincial College of Teachers.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this topic

How many provinces have a College of Educators?

There are only two Colleges in the world, one in Scotland and one in Canada.  The only Canadian jurisdiction that has a “College,” is Ontario. British Columbia recently dismantled its College of Teachers.  No other provinces have a College of Educators.

Who will have to belong to the College of Educators?

Every teacher (NSTU) and Administrator (non-unionized) will be required to belong, at their own expense, as a condition of employment.

What will the College control?

A “College” will be the watch dog for the public, designed to police teachers’ qualifications and behaviour.  In Ontario, the “College” publishes the actions and subsequent discipline of teachers. 

The “College” will control certification.  It is unknown if teachers will continue to choose their own professional development, including those leading to license and salary increases.

Who controls discipline of teachers now?

The School Boards control discipline of teachers.   The NSTU represents teachers to ensure due process is followed.

If a College is created it will provide a second level of discipline.  Presently, we have an employer who disciplines.  

Who controls certification of teachers now?

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in partnership with the NSTU.  Through normal collective bargaining, over decades, the NSTU has negotiated and maintained itself as an equal partner in certification changes. 

Will I have to pay a fee for certification?

In Ontario, teachers, including administrators pay a mandatory annual fee to maintain certification, among many other mandatory fees.

Will the College increase my professional voice?

No! The NSTU already represents teachers’ professionalism and voice.  Implementing a “College of Educators,” will actually diminish teachers’ professional voice.  The majority of teachers are represented by their unions, associations or federations.

Who bears all of the costs for a College of Educators?

In Ontario, the College of Teachers annual operating budget of 41 million dollars and the cost of 173 full time employees is largely borne by the teachers of Ontario.

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